Say hi, sabai sabai .

Sabai sabai design was born of a desire to create our own little magic in the world.

Sabai sabai [Thai: สบาย ๆ] Tranquility, happiness, contentment and inner peace are all entangled in the many layers of Sabai. It is wellness almost beyond words - heaven on earth. If you prefer the ‘urban dictionary’ definition, Sabai could be loosely translated as "everything's chill".

This is us. Dganit Dahan and Hadas Ashkenazi.

Mindful design made with

What we do .

Paper products

Paper is our passion: shape, structure, textures, bold graphics, high-end print. Paper is the main character in this story. We combine traditional manufacturing methods and new technologies.

Packaging design

With over 10 years experience deep in the industry, packaging design is our bread and butter. Where others see problems, we see opportunities. Specializing in high-tech products, we aim for a magical experience, that will make people gasp 'wow'.

UX and Product design

The startup world is our second home with +8ys experience bringing to life B2C/B2B products and complex systems, start to finish. Our core value is bringing design thinking and UX research methodologies as tools for innovation and product success.

This is us .


People & Culture Manager

Our story

It all started with an attempt to grow succulents. Our mutual love for ceramics yelded a respectul amount of pots for these spiny plants. We gave them a lot of love, a tiny bit too much love perhaps...

The gardening attempt failed but the Sabai seed has already rooted. Bringing plants into your home, mindfully watching them grow and change, getting excited over a new flower, enjoying the beauty of nature. That's what Sabai sabai design is all about. We just switched to paper. It outlives succulents ;)