Once upon a time

As in a serial novel, the narrative in this unique calendar is revealed with time, month after month. Each month, you “peal” the front layer and put it in the back, thus revealing the next chapter in the story. A surprising new detail; another element is weaved in the picturesque adventure.
The calendar is available in 3 different color schemes. Each is a fan of 12-month gradient tones layered up, creating a sense of depth and motion.

  • Date:

    September 2018

  • Graphic design:


  • Categories:

    Product design, Production

Written about us

Creativity is never effortless; some people just make it look that way. How else to explain Once Upon a Time, the latest creation from Sabai Sabai Design.


The calendar is designed and manufactured in Israel with the highest quality of materials and methods, attention to detail and plenty of thought and love through out the project.

High-end digital printing and laser cutting technologies allowed delicate contour lines and small details.